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Why Are Some of the Best Businesses Chasing the B Corp Certificate?

You’ll find the B Corp badge of honour bestowed on a number of products sold at Milk & More. And we have more B Corp brands joining their ranks. Perhaps you know it means this is the mark of a businesses with a social conscience. But have you ever wondered what it really represents or even questioned the process businesses have to go through to earn this merit?

Well wonder no more – we’ve got it all covered in our BITESIZED B CORP

What is a B Corp?

There’s a reason good businesses want to be B Corps. At the bottom line, a B Corp is a business that’s been formally recognised by an organisation called B Lab for its honourable commitment to making the most positive impact on its people and environment.


Where did it all start?

B Lab was founded in 2006 in the US by three friends who shared a vision to make business a force for good by benefitting people, communities and the planet. Just a year later, it had taken off internationally and the first 82 Certified B Corps were certified.


What does it represent?

The core ethos of the B Corp accreditation is environmental and social impact and the title is only awarded to businesses which measure up against a strict set of rules that prove a truly impressive level of dedication to providing a positive impact on people and the planet.

It’s a highly sought after accreditation amongst sustainable brands with a real drive for environmentally-responsible and ethical practises. There’s a rigorous assessment involved, which covers performance, accountability and transparency in terms of supply chain practises, materials used, employee benefits and charitable giving. This isn’t an overnight badge of honour, this involves changing practices across the company and can take years to achieve. Oh and wait… the hard work and dedication doesn’t stop there, a B Corp must re-crertify it’s status every 3 years to keep it’s badge.


How to find a B-Corp

With us! We’re always on a mission to make it a bit easier for our customers to shop sustainably from ethical producers, so naturally we work with a few B Corps already. Take a bow, Alpro, Cheeky Panda, Clipper, Hobbs House Bakery, Whole Earth and Rude Health


Supporting B-Corp Month

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Show your support for the B Corp movement!


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