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Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't worry, here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!​​​​​​​

New to Milk & More?

Yes, so that we can let you know which days we can deliver to you on and who your local milkman or woman will be.
Please call us on 03456063606 and we can help resolve this issue.
Yes, please call us on 03456063606 and we may be able to switch on your postcode.
Once you have registered your account, have a browse of our range and choose the products you’d like on your regular order by clicking ‘Deliver Regularly’. Once you’ve decided how often you’d like to receive your products, simply go to your cart and follow the checkout process.
Regular orders are a hassle free way to get the products you love delivered to your door on an ongoing basis. To set one up, all you have to do is find your favourite products, click the ‘Deliver Regularly’ button and choose the days on which you’d like to have them delivered, either every week up to every other 6 weeks. For more information, check out our simple guide here.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team for assistance with this, please head to the contact us page where you can chat online with one of the team or you can call our specialist team on 0300 456 2000 (7am - 4:30pm Monday to Saturday or 7am - 12pm on bank holiday weekends).
Good news, you’re not tied in at all. If you change your mind and want to stop deliveries you can do this at any time.
When you create your account, we’ll let you know the days we’re able to deliver to you. You can choose any of those days to have your deliveries. We aren’t however able to offer set delivery windows to choose from. On the day of your delivery, we’ll quietly pop your products on your doorstep or in your chosen safe place by 7am ready for you to bring inside when you wake up.