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Veganuary: Which Plant-Based Delight Will Catch Your Eye This Month?

Are you thinking of trying out the New Year craze?

What is Veganuary?

Not as hard-line as some might think – it’s a pressure-free, friendly and supportive community-based challenge to try out the lifestyle and see if it suits you. If it doesn’t, we promise we’ll always have all the dairy delights for you to fall back on! After all, here at Milk & More we’re all about #milkdiversity.

As much as we love traditional dairy milk, we understand that not everyone can enjoy it, and plenty of people are tempted to dip a foot in the vegan lifestyle.

That’s why our dairy-free and vegan ranges exist. We’re determined that everyone should be able to enjoy milk or m*lk no matter your preference, and we understand the struggle to conveniently find plant-based varieties bottled up in the fashion the good old milkman’s famous for. So we always seek out the tastiest products packaged in the most environmentally responsible way, and we’ve got plenty to choose from.

So, what might you try?

Glass bottled m*lk

If like us, you’re a fan of milk in returnable, reusable glass bottles, you’ll be glad to know we stock glass-bottled oat and almond m*lk that will be collected by your milkman. Oato is a long-term favourite amongst our vegan friends and comes in our own glass bottles, so make sure you invest in some Milk Topz to avoid muddling them up. We’re also excited to introduce ReRooted, whose smooth alternatives taste just as good on their own as they do in a cooked meal, smoothie, or splashed over your favourite cereal.

Dairy-free desserts

The Coconut Collaborative really nailed it when they designed their delicious yoghurts and puddings. Heavenly smooth and creamy, they’re just as versatile as a typical dairy yoghurt for cooking and whipping up some tasty desserts, and the fruity and chocolatey varieties are an unmissable treat for any dessert fan worried about missing out on flavour this Veganuary.

Vegan-friendly pastries

A sweet pastry is a must-have for so many breakfasts and afternoon teas. A difficult thing to replace if you’re doing Veganuary, right? Not any more! One of our favourite British bakeries, The Artisan Bakery, have created the most moreish vegan-friendly croissants and pains au chocolat that taste just as light, fluffy and sweet as the traditional variety. Try them out for tomorrow’s breakfast and see if you can tell the difference!


If you can’t live without your bacon, then ‘facon’ is the thing for you, and we’re happy to offer the most realistic ‘fake bacon’ around.

The trailblazers at THIS Isn’t dedicated their time like mad scientists to create the most realistic plant-based bacon the world had ever seen. Expertly mimicking the texture, appearance and flavour of the real thing, it can be cooked just like it, too.

Dragonfly Tofu

When it comes to meat alternatives, we’re thrilled to work with Dragonfly – brilliant British producers of unbelievably tasty tofu and more. A vegan staple with so many uses.

So whether it’s dipping your toe in veganism, going flexitarian for 2022 or just curiously discovering what the plant-based movement is all about – we’ve got you covered!