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Introducing 'Oatgurts:' Oatly's Dreamy Dairy-Free Desserts

Oatly have really broken the mould in the plant-based world with their deliciously sweet and naturally creamy oat-based yoghurts. They're what every vegan's been waiting for!

We’re living in a time where there’s an almost endless stream of dairy-free options for milk (& more!), with flavours from every kind of nut, to rice, soya and plenty more in between. When it comes to yoghurts, you might assume that coconut-based is the only tasty option, but we're happy to announce that the world of dairy alternative treats has now been hit by some equally delicious and surprisingly smooth desserts made from oats.

When it comes to the plant-based lifestyle, oats are the crops that really lead the way in sustainability, and this goes a long way to explaining why they make some of the most popular alternative m*lks. Unlike some plant-based options, they’re also naturally low in saturated fat and rich in fibre, too.

Unfortunately, despite a whole host of delicious oaty drinks on the market, oat fans have long been deprived of plant-based yoghurts that authentically mimic the flavours and textures of the traditional kind. That’s until our oat-aficionado friends at Oatly achieved the impossible by creating the sweetest, most tasty ‘oatgurts’ that uncannily boast the same luxurious creaminess of their dairy counterparts.

Of course there’s a perfected process behind these uniquely delicious treats, and Oatly has it down to an art. They flawlessly clean, treat and mill the highest quality oats to achieve a porridge-like mixture that goes through a unique, patented enzyme process. Here, natural enzymes break down the oat starch into smaller components, including maltose, which results in a natural sweet flavour. The end result of the treatment is the most perfectly natural oat base, which retains the oats’ macronutrients– protein, fat and carbohydrates.

To turn the base into creamy oatgurts, bacteria and starch are added, and it goes through treatments including standard homogenisation. Unbeatable natural flavour already achieved, these oatgurts are fortified with Vitamins D and B12, as well as calcium and iodine, which often lack in other dairy alternatives.

The naturally smooth, nutritious and delicately flavoured creations that result are simply perfect for all manner of desserts; not to mention, they’re fantastic cooking ingredients and make a perfectly tasty treat just on their own, too.

Check out one of the tastiest ways to stir up a treat with these innovative vegan desserts in a delicious recipe here, and make sure you pick up one of these truly impressive oatgurts here, along with Oatly’s other fantastic vegan-friendly options.

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