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Kombucha - a Sparkling New Way to Celebrate

Introducing the 'wonder drink'

Have you discovered kombucha?

It's the non-alcoholic, sparkling fermented tea that tastes remarkably like champagne and is growing in popularity every day, and it's not just for its famous probiotic benefits. This low-sugar creation boasts addictively complex flavours that make it the most elegant soft drink imaginable - a welcome change from squashes and sodas. Not only delicious and refreshing on its own, kombucha complements all kinds of meals just as nicely as a fine wine, and makes a mean mocktail, too! That's why we're excited to welcome two brand new kombucha drinks just in time for Christmas and New Year.

Introducing REAL Kombucha

As recently featured on Saturday Kitchen, REAL Kombucha is a true trailblazer in both quality and taste. Heston Blumenthal is amongst the brand's fans, its drinks are served in over 50 Michelin-starred restaurants, and it's earned a string of accolades including Imbibe's Sommeliers’ Choice No & Low Alcohol Award.

As the name suggests, REAL Kombucha is simply a pure kombucha made perfectly with unbeatable flavours - the 'real deal.' Produced using the most exquisite loose leaf teas, sugar and REAL's own kombucha culture, each of REAL Kombucha's delicious varieties is expertly fermented until the very best flavours prevail. Nothing is extracted or added, and the resulting flavours speak for themselves.

The Dry Dragon is brewed from Chinese pan-fired Dragonwell green tea, which results in a light citrussy drink with notes of grapefruit; while the Royal Flush is brewed from a First Flush Darjeeling tea, giving it delicate floral flavours and notes of rhubarb, white peach and blackcurrant.

Sober celebrations

Whether you're looking for an exciting new soft drink to enjoy with your Christmas dinner, or hoping to ring in the New Year with a non-alcoholic tipple, this fantastic drink is sure to satisfy your celebrations.

Not only is kombucha delicious on its own, it's completely brilliant for shaking up in all manner of mocktails, so why not browse our sweet drink selection for fresh juices and mixers, or check out some of our mocktail recipes for some festive fizzes?

Treat yourself with a bottle of REAL Kombucha here.

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