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The Wonders of Oat M*lk

Have you spent the last year cooking up a storm and becoming a master chef in your own kitchen? Then maybe it’s time to try making something a little different…

It’s one of the most popular vegan-friendly milk alternatives around, but what makes it so special?

If you need to avoid dairy or simply want try out a refreshing and tasty plant-based drink that's similar to milk, oat ‘m*lk,’ as it’s called, is a great place to start.

When it comes to dairy alternatives, there’s all manner of m*lks to choose from – oat, rice, soy, and almost every kind of nut, each with their own unique flavours and textures.

Oat m*lk is the closest in texture to dairy milk and has the most subtle flavour, making it an incredibly versatile ingredient suitable for cakes, smoothies, mocktails and plenty more. It's because of this that its popularity has soared with vegan chefs and bakers.

As well as being smooth, nut-free and versatile, one of the stand-out appeals of oat m*lk is that it's completely natural. It tends to be simply made from water, oats and nothing else. The better the oats, the better the flavour, and when you have the best British oats available, you’ll be amazed that you can even make it yourself!

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s how to make the most of your kitchen. If you’ve already perfected banana bread and other exciting recipes and become a master chef in your home, maybe it’s time to try making this exciting ingredient that lends itself to all manner of meals and baking projects.

Luckily for us the organic afficionados at Rude Health are able to teach you exactly how to make your own oat m*lk with their perfect porridge oats. Check out their simple guide here and you may surprise yourself with a deliciously smooth homemade oat drink!