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What's your flavour?

From almond to coconut, there’s almost an a-z of different alternatives to milk to try and who knows, maybe you might love. Check out our guide to alternative milks in drinks as a starter for 10.

But if it turns out you like the traditional white stuff best that’s a-okay too.

The recent explosion of alternatives to milk has got many of us all in a tizz. Whichever side of the dairy fence you sit on, it can leave you feeling a little curdled.

But is there a hard and fast answer? Well not really, no. You could get involved in a hefty debate that’ll keep you pacing the aisles until the cows come home. But we believe what it really comes down to is personal choice. We call this #MilkDiversity.

So rather than dividing, why don’t you join us in uniting and celebrating our increasing diversity. There’s no reason here to cry over spilt milk.