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Waste Not, Want Not: How to Save a Loaf

If your favourite loaf is starting to go dry or lose its flavour, there’s no need to fret about throwing it away. Here are a few tricks for making sure no bread ever goes to waste.

1. Keep sliced bread in the freezer until you need it.

2. Refresh your stale loaves by putting them in the oven for a few minutes, and they’ll soon get that freshly-baked taste.

3. There’s never a need to buy breadcrumbs. Process any slices that are too dry to eat, and keep them in an old yoghurt jar for future recipes.

4. Homemade croutons. All you need to do is slice your bread into cubes and lightly bake them in a drizzle of melted butter, crushed garlic and your favourite seasoning.

5. French toast. Any slices that are just a little too dry to enjoy as part of a sandwich are still perfect for this delicious breakfast.

6. Same goes for garlic bread – the best way to give a second life to any baguette.

7. Stuffing. It doesn’t just have to be for Christmas!