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Wake up to a Christmassy Croissant Breakfast

On the magical morning of Christmas Day, nothing beats unwrapping your presents while blasting out the classics and throwing back some tasty treats. But instead of ruining your appetite for the most sumptuous Christmas dinner, why not tuck into an extra moreish breakfast instead? Quick and easy to whip up amongst the madness, this stuffed croissant is the perfect way to kick off a day of indulgence. If you’re feeling really naughty, you can even enjoy it alongside a hot chocolate.

Image credit to @thesecountryroads.

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How to make

  1. Whether you choose a traditional croissant or a plant-based variety, pop it in the oven on a low heat for just 5 to 10 minutes to bring out its soft and fluffy texture.
  2. While it’s baking away, get started on the fillings. Crack an egg to scramble or fry, and add a couple of rashers of bacon to the pan. Make sure you check out our smoky varieties, and feel to add a light drizzle of honey or marmalade on the bacon for even more flavour.
  3. Take your pastries out the oven and give them a generous buttering before stacking up your mini fry-up inside. Top it off with a handful of your favourite salad leaves or some tomato slices (or not).

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