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The Experts’ Opinions: What Makes the Best Breakfast?

As diehard champions for the best breakfast ingredients, we’re thrilled to be hosting our first ever Breakfast Week, and so are our lovely partners!

In the run up to the big week, we got chatting to a few of the brains behind our favourite breakfast ingredients to find out what they think makes the most important meal of the day.

We talked to Bill Clarke, Chairman of Trewithen Dairy, whose extra smooth butter we lash on our toast every morning, Clarence Court, who produce the luxurious Burford Brown eggs, the creators of the world-famous Godminster cheese, Pure Nature and Ella from Deliciously Ella, to get the lowdown on their tastiest tips for cooking up the perfect start to the day.


1: Why do you think breakfast is the most important meal of the day? 

Deliciously Ella: I’m a big believer in the idea that the way we start the day sets the tone for how the rest of the day unfolds. Trying to start it in a healthy, conscious, calm way creates a happier, healthier mindset, versus rushing out the house in a whirlwind of just coffee and stress (something I’ve done many times too!). 

Clarence Court: When you wake up in the morning you have effectively been on an overnight fast, it’s therefore crucial to get the right ingredients to kickstart the brain. Brain functions such as thinking, memory and learning are all closely tied to glucose levels and eating breakfast boosts the levels of glucose in our brains. Without breakfast there’s a risk of a shortfall of glucose which means our brains won’t be operating to their fullest potential.  


2: What’s your personal favourite breakfast recipe? 

Clarence Court: I mostly have a bowl of cereal during the week, as I tend to always be in a rush getting to work.  However, recently, with the launch of Clarence Court’s Eggstravaganza cookbook, I’m becoming more adventurous with my breakfasts and testing out a few of the rise & shine dishes.  This weekend I tried the Chorizo and Sage Cloud Eggs, which was a complete hit at home.   Cloud Eggs are basically a fun way of serving up a tasty breakfast treat as they are shaped into light, fluffy, flavoured clouds with a bright yolk which glistens like a little ray of sunshine and are served with chorizo and parmesan.

Deliciously Ella: During the week I keep it very simple, making breakfast for two toddlers and getting everyone out the house on time means two minute ideas come in handy! We make a lot of berry porridge, granola yoghurt bowls and nut butter on seedy toast. On the weekends, when we have more time, I love making pancakes for the family, they’re always a big hit. 

Pure Nature: Our personal breakfast recipe is our natural yoghurt with apple and agave syrup. Easy to make, fruity and tasty. (See for yourself by checking out the recipe here!)


3: What’s your favourite way to enjoy breakfast? 

Trewithen: In an ideal world, breakfast should be savoured at a leisurely pace, seasoned with a good radio show, while sitting down at the table so the body can digest properly. Instead of designating proper breakfasts to the weekend, we believe the time spent each day preparing and consuming a proper meal is a mindful process that shouldn’t be rushed – it’s an investment to a good day.

Deliciously Ella: I have breakfast with my daughters, Skye and May, and my husband. It’s really precious time in our house, sometimes it involves a toddler meltdown, but most of the time it’s utter heaven.


4. What’s the best way to serve a breakfast for champions using your ingredients? 

Godminster: Easy cheesy omelettes are our favourite go-to breakfast for Godminster. Mix 20g of grated Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar into your egg mixture with a handful of freshly chopped chives for a deliciously rich, savoury omelette that the whole family will love. What’s even better is you can customise your omelette in so many different ways too: whether it’s a dash of chilli flakes, a helping of spinach leaves, or maybe some diced ham, there’s loads of different ways you can pimp out your cheesy omelette. They're easy to whip up and always go down a storm!

Trewithen: We love scrambled eggs with a generous addition of butter. A fantastic dish when kept simple to allow the ingredients to sing, or perhaps with the addition of fresh herbs. At the moment, wild-garlic is growing abundantly, so keep your eyes peeled for the shiny green leaves popping up along the hedgerows. Over a low-heat, add eggs to your melted butter and keep on stirring gently. Simply wash and finely chop the wild garlic and throw it in when your scrambled eggs are just coming together.


5.  What new or future breakfast trends are you most excited about? 

Deliciously Ella: Savoury breakfasts are a really interesting trend – dishes like sweet potato toasts, open veggie sandwiches, glazed miso mushrooms, creamy tofu scramble. I do love a simple, easy breakfast that tends to be a little sweet, but this is definitely an interesting way to load up of veg first thing. 

Godminster: We’ve heard that cooking up big American-style waffles with decadent toppings are the next big trend in breakfasting. Making Instagram-worthy waffles at home that you can heap all kinds of tasty fillings on definitely sounds like #breakfastgoals to us. What’s best about the waffle trend is you can use them as a blank canvas for sweet or savoury breakfasts. If you’re doing brunch for friends you can even set up a ‘waffle bar’ with bowels of toppings for guests to help themselves to: think dollops of whipped cream, mounds of fresh fruit, stacks of crispy bacon, lashings of maple syrup… the possibilities are endless!

Pure Nature: The trend for sustainability: not more but better. Nowadays people are more conscious about the origin of ingredients. They want to know if a product is good for their health and for the environment. Pure Nature consumers make a deliberate choice choosing for a 100% organic range of dairy products with pure and well thought-out ingredients. As a bonus they get delicious taste and the liberty to mix and match according to their preferences.


That's the experts, but how do you enjoy the greatest meal of the day? Get involved in Breakfast week here, and find an abundance of amazing breakfast must-haves, recipes, top tips, competitions and more. Make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook, too... you won't want to miss out! We’ve also got some exclusive top cooking tips from celebrity chef Matt Tebbutt.