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The Rise and Rise of Milk Alternatives

Peanut, rice, quinoa, hazelnut, flax, hemp… the list goes on in the world of milk alternatives, but just what’s the hype all about, and why are we perusing the dairy-free aisles more than ever before?

Their popularity’s been rising steadily year after year, but 2020 really saw the tides turn - according to the Guardian, one of three Brits now drink plant-based milk! Perhaps it was always being home and close to the kettle that Britain’s milk sales skyrocketed by £100m as we reached for our favourite caffeine fixes to get us through the long days. With this, a curiosity for some different flavours naturally grew, and there’s so many to choose from.

So, what are they good for?

With their varyingly strong flavours and silky smooth texture, there’s really something to be said for a nut milk coffee, and when our favourite coffee shops closed, we had to find a way to recreate their famous fraps and lattes at home. Almond m*lk in particular makes a particularly good partner to a mocha or even a hot cocoa thanks to its rich, nutty chocolate bar flavour, and remains one of the biggest hits on the dairy-free shelves.

In 2020, oat m*lk took over almond as flavour of the year, and it’s not hard to see why when you consider its amazing versatility. Thanks to its mild but slightly sweet flavour, this is the perfect milk alternative for all manner of baking projects, and would you believe you can use oat m*lk in a tasty cocktail, too? There’s even a barista edition, so you can enjoy a frothy dairy-free coffee from the comfort of your own home.

As for smoothies and shakes, a nutty m*lk in place of the dairy kind adds an extra shot of fibre, and there’s no easier way to add a taste of the tropics than with a refreshing dash of coconut drink.

With its sweet exotic flavour, it’s not hard to see the attraction of coconut, and it tends to be the go-to m*lk for stirring into cocktails and even curries, too.

Luckily, our milkmen deliver a whole range of these vegan-friendly options alongside the traditional white stuff, so if you’re looking to change up your morning brew or try out some tasty new shakes, why not put them to the test?